Gabriel Martínez, cronista Guelaguetza 2017

Gabriel Martínez, cronista Oaxacaliforniano, conductor de las fiestas guelaguetzas en California y ganador del Premio CaSa en literatura escrita en la lengua zapoteca.


Nuestra Identidad, Nuestro Sabor 22nd Annual Guelaguetza Cultural Festival Brings the Richness of Oaxaca to San Diego

July 20, 2017 – San Diego, CA – The Coalition of Indigenous Communities of Oaxaca (COCIO) and the Department of Anthropology at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) are proud to announce the 22nd Annual San Diego Guelaguetza Cultural Festival. The festival will take place on Sunday October 15th from 9am to 5pm at CSUSM’s Forum Plaza, featuring traditional Oaxacan dancers, food, art, vendors and cultural exhibits. This year’s celebration will be like no other, extending beyond the one-day event into a series of cultural events and workshops starting on October 7th. Southern Californians will have the rare opportunity to explore Oaxaca’s vibrant culture and gastronomic wonders right in San Diego!

COCIO is a San Diego-based cultural organization with the mission to promote, strengthen and encourage indigenous cultures practices in the Americas. For the past 22 years, COCIO has successfully celebrated the Oaxacan Guelaguetza Cultural Festival in San Diego, offering attendees a family-friendly atmosphere and a celebration modeled after the traditional annual Guelaguetza held in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Traditionally, the Guelaguetza, also known as Los lunes del cerro (Mondays on the hills), is an indigenous cultural event that serves as the opportunity for members of Oaxaca state’s diverse indigenous communities to come together to share their distinctive music, dance, dress, and food. In San Diego, this celebration symbolizes the coming together and unity of Mexican native communities, both in Mexico and in the United States.

This year’s Guelaguetza is expected to attract thousands of attendees, as in past years, and will have a stronger emphasis on the arts. Among the many unique experiences that will be offered, guests can attend a palm-weaving demonstration, a backstrap loom weaving demonstration, attend a mask-making workshop for children, an alebrije (colorful, imaginary creatures) painting session, or even immerse themselves in the traditional instrument exhibition. As with the traditional Guelaguetza, this celebration will feature live dances and music from the eight regions of Oaxaca, such as the Danza de Flor de Piña (Pineapple flower dance) and La Danza de los Diablos (The little devil’s dance). Additionally, vendors from across California and Oaxaca will converge to offer a wide variety of traditional Oaxacan foods, such as Mole, Tlayudas, Molotes, pastries, and aguas frescas. Oaxacan clothing, arts and crafts will also be available for purchase. Event proceeds will benefit community-based projects that aim to improve the health and well being of Mexican indigenous communities in Southern California and Oaxaca.

The community is also invited to the events that will lead up to the guelaguetza. On September 24th, COCIO, in partnership with the Comite de San Jeronimo Silacayoapilla in Poway will kick off the Oaxacan festivities with a kermes (community party used for fundraising), featuring traditional Oaxacan food and music, visit for more information. Then, on October 7th and 8th, COCIO will host a series of Oaxacan workshops, giving community members the opportunity to learn …. visit for details.

For more than 20 years, CSUSM’s Department of Anthropology has collaborated with indigenous communities from Oaxaca in San Diego’s North County as a way to reciprocate and deepen a long standing and collaborative partnership with the community. This partnership is intricately tied with the delivery of the department’s community based field courses and benefits both students and the community at large.

Tickets for the Guelaguetza Cultural Celebration are now on sale at Adult tickets can be purchased for $9, while children 10 years and under and CSUSM Students with valid ID enjoy free entrance. Complimentary parking is available in CSUSM’s Lot C.  

For festival or vendor information call (619) 245-7538 or visit

2017 Guelaguetza Directions to CSUSM

22nd annual Guelaguetza 2017
Directions to CSU San Marcos

October 15th 2017 , 9 am to 6pm

Cocio en Nochixtlán

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El día 22 de junio COCIO donó víveres y juguetes a niños y ancianos Mixtecos de la Colonia 20 de Noviembre   en Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, en una acción humanitaria que coordinaron organismos de derechos humanos de la Región, tras el ataque violento que la Policía Federal y la Policía Estatal perpetraron en la Zona el 19 de junio, y que se dirigió contra manifestantes y habitantes. En el caso de la 20 de noviembre alrededor de 30 Policías Federales entraron a la colonia y arremetieron contra la comunidad, disparando y aventando gases lacrimógenos en las casas. Razón por la que con un profundo respecto a quienes murieron, fueron heridos e injustamente encarcelados, COCIO decidió pronunciarse por el respeto a la vida y la no criminalización de las luchas indígenas.


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Press Release 2015 Guelaguetza

Community Event


Guelaguetza 2015 Festival Celebrates Oaxaca Mexico

The vibrant culture, cuisine, dance, and communities of Oaxaca, Mexico, will be celebrated at California State San Marcos during the Guelaguetza 2015 Festival, 10 am  to 5 p.m., Sunday October 4, 2015 on Forum Plaza and the University Student Union Amphitheater. The annual Guelaguetza Festival is the region’s original and largest of its kind.  The festival has been held at CSUSM since 2000 and represents the collaborative effort of the Department of Anthropology and local Oaxacan indigenous community residents and organizations.  


This family event is modeled after the yearly festival held in Oaxaca City, Mexico each July, during which members of the states diverse indigenous communities come together to share their distinctive music, dance, dress, and food. The celebration in California has come to symbolize the coming together and unity of Oaxacan communities both in Oaxaca and abroad. The celebration will include a program featuring Oaxacan folkloric dance groups and musicians.  Traditional foods, such as Tlayudas (corn tortillas), pastries, Oaxacan candy, and arts and crafts will be available for purchase.   Proceeds from the event and from the food and crafts sold go toward event expenses and community based projects that aim to improve the health and well being of the Oaxacan transnational community.  


The event, which attracts thousands of community members each year, is hosted by Cal State San Marcos, and sponsored by the Coalition of Indigenous Communities of Oaxaca (COCIO) in collaboration with the Anthropology Department at CSUSM.  COCIO is a grassroots organization in North County made up of Mixtec, Zapotec, Chinantec, Trique, Mixe, and other indigenous Oaxacan communities that have come together to support and celebrate Oaxacan culture as well as to support projects that benefit the Oaxacan Community.  The department of Anthropology at CSUSM has been working for over 20 years with Oaxacan indigenous communities in north county San Diego as a way to reciprocate and deepen a long standing and collaborative partnership with the community; a partnership that is intricately tied with the delivery of the department’s community based field courses.


The Guelaguetza at CSUSM is open to everyone, with an entry fee of $8 dollars.  CSUSM Students with ID enter free. Children under 10 may attend for free.  Parking is complimentary in Lot C.  

For more information call (619 245 7538 or (619) 251-0404 or visit  





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20th Guelaguetza 2015


La coalición de comunidades Indigenas de Oaxaca invita a la comunidad en general a nuestra máxima fiesta. Vengan a conocer, a disfrutar y a celebrar la cultura de los pueblos originarios. “La cultura es la luz que ilumina las luchas de los pueblos”. L@s esperamos!

COCIO, Rún na convidar gritte par Oct 4 gunna lanni shte dánii” Guelaguetza ”

The coalition of Indigenous Communities of Oaxaca (COCIO) Invites the community in general to our grand festival. Join us in celebration of our 20th annual Guelaguetza, a festival that honors diversity and indigenous values while fostering intergenerational community building. Authentic food, artists and dances form the state of Oaxaca. You do not want to miss this amazing event, See you there…..


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Qing guu ix Quing zhu wo men zhi Shen ma ke Shi da shri

Quing zhu hou dong The Guelaguetza

Guelaguetza water mark


Coalición De Comunidades Indígenas de OAXACA – COCIO

San Diego-  Sunday OCTOBER, 4th 2015





Organización Regional Oaxaqueña – ORO

Los Angeles-  Sat. & Sun. AUGUST, 9 & 10th 2014

Tierra Del Sol 

Sonoma County JULY, 20th 2014

Unidad Popular Benito Juarez- UPBJ




18th Annual GUELAGUETZA Sep 28, 2013

COCIO  Is proud to announce the 19th annual Oaxacan Cultural Festival.

Celebrating the diverse culture of Oaxaca

This important annual cultural festival commemorates the dance and folkloric traditions of the seven regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. This is an indigenous cultural festival dating back to the XV century, which is framed around the philosophy of reciprocity and self-help. The festival constitutes an important space for the promotion of culture, civic participation, and leadership for the large and growing indigenous communities in San Diego County